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School Administration Management

School Administration Management by D-EDU (Digital Education) is a single point school/college management application that can help the admin to manage all administration and management related task at one place. Since it is a browser-based application, it does not require the installation of heavy hardware and software. Complete automation of the resource management reduces the expenditures and chances of errors.


  • This ERP software enables the administrators to manage their users(Lecturers, Students, teachers, parents) information and monitoring their activities and records. Admin can provide a user with their privileges and rights to access and modify data, hence managing the security of their system.
  • Managing system online will also reduce paperwork. It saves the institution time from printing and stapling hand-outs, filling a form for each user. It also saves time by updating data in all the registers one by one. By switching to digital tools, such as a D-EDU, information flows faster, can be tracked and recovered, and is always in the right hands – which in turn boosts productivity and saves valuable time.
  • Some the management features that admin can access includes Admission Management, Staff Management, Library Management, Fees Management, Time Table Management. Transport Management, Attendance Management, Examination Management and many others.
  • In D-EDU since the data is completely centralized, there is less or no data redundancy. Any update in details and information in a database by admin also updates the data for each user, hence saves time and effort.
  • Through this ERP administration can communicate with teachers, students, and parents. Admin can send alert messages and notifications to parents and teachers through SMS, mail or both. D-EDU also provides organize group meeting, hence eliminating the communication gap between administration and staff members
  • Administration can also manage records like expenditures, income, staff salary, attendance and analyze these records for further improvement in the institution. D-EDU updates administrators, about the various happenings in school/college without going anywhere and at any time.