SMS Alert System

SMS Alert System :

SMS Alert System is an added feature of D-Sys data solutions to Digital Education System ( D-EDU ) that helps admin and teachers to send notifications and alert messages to parents and students to aware them about their responsibilities and duties. It helps to update users at all points of time. A real-time SMS is sent to the parents giving them a report containing detail information of attendance, performance report of their child in the classroom. An SMS is sent to parents informing if their child is present in school or not, hence giving the parent insight into their child’s performance at school/college. This module also allows various teachers to communicate with each other as well as with the admin so that they can have conference meetings and group chats.

Communication can take place in a variety of ways:

• Email: This enables admin to send mail to all students, teachers, and parents to their respected mail id’s in bulk using special filters provided in this portal.
• By SMS: This enables admin to send bulk SMS on certain criteria to parents, teachers, and teachers.
• By both: It includes sending both email and SMS.

Implementation of the Alert Message module:


  • Admin can send the informational message to any individual (parents, teacher or student) through SMS, mail or both.
  • An administrator can start the group chat and can also start a conference meeting with teachers.
  •  This portal allows admin to send bulk SMS to students, parents or teachers of a selected category.


  • Teachers can communicate with Parents through this portal
  • This portal allows a teacher to inform students about exams schedule, syllabus, fees alert etc
  • Teachers can communicate with each other and can attend a conference meeting through this portal.


  • Any parents can request for any information through this portal from teachers.
  • Parents can receive message and information alert through this portal.