Student Attendance Management System

Attendance Management System Software

Attendance Management System Software is a code developed for daily student group action in faculties, schools, and institutes. Hence it facilitates to access the group action data of a specific student during a particular category. The data is sort by the operators, which is able to be provided by the teacher for a specific category. This method also will facilitate in evaluating group action eligibility criteria of a student so it’s most versatile and powerful tool of faculty management system hence manages numerous vital facet of faculty administration:

Features of Attendance Management System Software :

  •  Biometric and manual attendance of teachers and students.
  • Lecturers can simply update the attendance.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface for fast capture of information around page
  •  In line with the subject or by category attendance
  • In the case of small group action and the continuance of their child in school, parents can get the report through this portal.
  • Annual group action report of their kid.
  • Parents get attendance report by SMS (text message) and conjointly through parent’s portal.
  • Attendance standing and validation may be custom-made by lecturers.
  • Handles each in-class group action taking or administrator-led group action capture
  • Attendance is take on daily for each Student and workers
  • Student’s group action details act as a tool to spot irregularities within the educational interests of the scholars.
  • Lecturer group action even is a monitor to examine the performance level of Lecturer for the appraisals.
  • Report for Presence/Absence/General with 3 completely different formats surpass, PDF and hypertext mark-up language and might write on demand by the teacher, student, and parent.
  • Use of colors or symbols for absence and presence to help identification among registers and records
  • Attendance area unit integrated with the plan and subjects module.
  • The same may be accustomed to assessing the scholar and provides individual attention to the reason for the repetitive or long absence.