Dashboard of School Management System

Admin Dashboard for school management system

The dashboard of Digital Education System is an internet-based mostly faculty Management System that permits faculty to use and operate several of integrated interconnected modules and manage the administration of college and school with efficiency. It’s absolutely browser-based faculty management system that conjointly includes a virtual field which may be coupled with faculty portal and contains powerful online access to bring folks, academics, and students on a typical interactive platform. Yet another advantage of the Admin Dashboard for school management system is that it runs on bottom hardware and simply fits within the budget of faculties.

Admin Dashboard for school management system contains full features of everyone involved in school activities which helps management to keep them aware of all the things happening in their academic system. This module is available for all four phases(Admin, Lecturer, Student& Parents). Based upon the user credentials, this module displays the needed and useful information. The below description helps to understand what is all information to display for each user.

Admin Panel options

• User accounts of the teacher, student and parent will be managed through this portal
• Admin will manage various classes and subjects via admin panel
• Routines and planning of categories are going to be done by admin
• Managing communication, grades, marks
• Admin will be able to send exam marks of the child via SMS to parents.
• Managing students attendance
• Records involving accounting, financial gain & expenses will be managed through admin.
• School Events Management
• Library, dormitory, transport management options are going to be provided to admin.
• Messaging between different users corresponding to teacher-teacher interactions, teacher-student interaction.
• Managing system settings involving language, SMS, general settings.

Teacher Panel Features

• Keeps track and records of students
• Managing exam marks
• Provide study materials/files to students
• Managing attendance

Student Panel Features

• Time table and routines for categories are available on this portal
• Student are going to be able to read his scores and marks in varied examination
• Student can check standing attendance on student portal
• Get study materials / files from teacher
• Payment invoices and on-line payment possibility are going to be offer here.
• Students will communicate through teacher via this portal

Parent Panel Features

• Parents are going to be ready to see their child’s marks on this portal
• Get kids payment invoices
• Get kids category routine
• Can talk over with academics over their child’s problems.