Examination Management System

Examination Management system Software for School

Examination master of digital education system offers the quick and easy method for managing, conducting and also evaluating exam report in school and colleges. The Examination Management system Software for school is the one of best tool of DEDU to evaluate the ability and performance of the student. It includes the wide range of process from organizing and scheduling exams so as to generate a detailed report of marks and grades obtained by students in various formats. Its module includes planning and creating the timetable for examination, scheduling of classrooms, generating admit card and sending to students. Marks entry in the database, CCE report generation, displaying results on student’s panel, analyzing results, creating merit lists etc are also the function of this module. This reduces the time and paperless work hence increasing the efficiency of the school.

Benefits of Examination and Result Module of School Management System:

  •  Define the maximum marks, passing marks along with the duration of the examination
  • Predefined grade setting system
  • CCE report generation according to government format.
  • Percentile generation is very easy
  • Create or generate the merit list
  • Various reports for better student analysis reports
  • Generate report cards accessible online to students and parents
  • Online posting of exam schedule, evaluation status, result

The design and functionality are implemented at three levels: admin, teacher, student.



->Grading Description: Admin can define a grading pattern to be used in the examination. It includes Grade Name, Percent From, Percent Up to, Description etc.
->Exam List: Admin can view and create exams. Add exam_notes, exam_name, class, section, passing marks, max. marks and various related tasks
->Scheduling Exam: It includes specifying starting date, ending date, exam time, duration of exam etc
->Generating report: This module also allows admin to create merit list, students passed, students failed etc

Teacher :

->Data entry: a teacher can enter the marks of students to a database, as well as view and modify data according to credentials.
-> Result: a teacher can view the result of students and can sort it according to the requirement.

Student :

->Student can check for their admit cards on their portal and can also take the print of generated admit card.
->Exams timetable, details of exams are made available to students by admin through this portal.
->Student can view their report and grades on the student portal.