Hostel Management System

Hostel Management System Software of DEDU,

School/College Hostel Management System code is a vital tool to take care of all the records for day students and also of hostellers. With the offline existing system, it’s tough to manage hostel details on the register so there’s no security for the records. however, with the introduction of Hostel Management System Software code in Digital Education System, it becomes easier for school/ collages to take care of information with full security within the single window solely and no overwriting records once assigned. Records are maintained, in college database with properly defined architecture so as to reduces work and workers involved and in short time.

Objectives of Hostel Management System :

    • Maintain the students as hostellers and waiting list students separately
    • Process allotment list.
    • Admin can send the approval notification to every approved student via email.
    • Automatically insert student’s details to the hosteller’s record when the allotment is confirmed by the admin and deleted when vacation is confirmed or after the course end date.
    • Students can also register their complaints and feedback.
    • Admin can edit notice board and each student can view it.
    • Hostel secretary can calculate hostel fee including mess fee and can edit mess menu
    • Hostellers can check the status of every month’s hostel fee
  • Hostel Management System Software has the facility to create multiple Hostel Blocks, Rooms, Capacity, and facilities in the rooms. This module hence manages hostel information of both student /staff such as allotment of the room, transfer the hostler from one room to another room. This module also manages Fees info regarding particular students/staff. The hostel Management module also rooms information such as vacant rooms, room capacity, and also the present status of the room. In each and every room some of the facilities are available along with the rooms. At the time of room allotment, these facilities can acquire to avail with the room.

The module will work on these activities.

    • Manage Hostel
    • Allotment of Hosteler
    • Transfer the hostler from one room to another room
    • Check Hosteler fees Transactions
    • Check vacant room, the present status of a room
    • Evacuating the Hosteler

Functionality and design of the system are divided into two sections – Admin Section, Student section.


    • He can vacate the students for the hostels.
    • The Administrator can allow different students to different hostels.
    • Admin can also control the status of the fee payment.
    • Admin can also edit the details of the students. He can also change their rooms, edit and delete the student records.


    • The student can check for the availability of a room.
    • All types of rooms available in the hostel with their fees structure will be  available here
    • Hostellers can also check for pending fees if any.
    • Hostellers can write complaints to the hostel secretaries.