Leave management system

Leave management system

Leave management system is aimed to automate the workflow of leave applications and their approval. Managing leave is an important process as it has linked with the salaries of the staff. Leave management of DEDU offers a wide range of Leave Management system offers a wide range of features and functionality, which lets educational institutions of every size to know that all their students and staff leave requests are managed efficiently. In the existing system, there is the overhead of paperwork and more chances of losing. Leave management improves it by reducing paperwork and keeping the record in the database.
Implementation of Leave Management System:


• Staff members can put up the request demanding their leave and duration of leave to the concerned department head
• The portal contains the leave taken by the member and their outstanding leave, hence tracking the leave with the help of a generated report
• Staff can view the status for their leave application that is whether the leave has been denied or approved.

Admin :

• Admin can view , delete and delay the leave request from staff .
• Administrator will be able to keep track of leave generated by each individual in staff, hence can alert them for the so.
• Administrator can evaluate and check for Leave request and therefore can sanction leave to the staff members and Lecturers
• Admin can define the maximum number of permissible leaves in a month for staff members
• The administrator can approve the leave request and so can send conformation of the same to the leave applicant

Not many faculties offer help to employees regarding their leaves and salaries. The leave management system enclosed within the DEDU provides accessibility to the staff to visualize their leaves, allowances, and deductions based on their department and positions.