Faculty Management System

Faculty Management Software:

As a teacher/lecturer logs in Faculty Management Software with their detail, they can access to their specific functionalities as defined by the administration. For example, a librarian can add or remove a book. Login credentials of Lecturer will be very confidential and they have access to change their credentials.

Some of the features present in lecturer panel include accessing student’s information, attendance management, leave management, admission and registration, view an academic calendar and also the notice regarding events and activities taking place in school


D-EDU (Digital Education)  facilitates better communication between parents and teachers which is hugely beneficial for student growth. A teacher can send alert messages to parents via SMS, email or both. Thus allowing teachers at any time to inform parents about the status of their kid.

Faculty Management Software of D-EDU provides a Two-Way Communication which helps Lecturers to communicate with parents and also with the management easily at any time. Teacher gets the details of their meeting through this portal.

A teacher can send their leave application to management through their portal. They can also view the status of their leave application. Dedu provides an additional feature to track the leave taken by staff members and a number of permissible leaves.

Managing marks and grades of student online reduces the cumbersome task of analyzing the progress of the student. Teachers can view the marks of the student for any subject and of any term.

An only predetermined lecturer can mark the student’s attendance, by logging into the application. Once the lecture submits the attendance, it automatically gets reflects in the database.

Lecturers can view their schedules for a day once they log in Faculty Management Software with their account into the application. This system also allows various teachers to communicate in the group so as to create a timetable in advance