Library Management System

Library Management System

Library management system of digital Education System is a complete module in itself that aims to maintain all daily works of library online just through the internet connection. This module has many features of user login with an admin who can monitor the whole system .Admin can allow a librarian, who has can add or remove books and keep the track of the book. This system supports barcode & scanning capability to automate our library and just with a single click, books can be allotted and you can keep a check on limits like no of a book to be issued, Value of book that can be issued to student/staff.

This module aims to provide:

• Online book issue
• Online login portal for student and teacher so as to keep them update with issuing books details such as the last date
• Digital library system


• User-friendly so that every user can use it
• Less error since the database is stored on computers
• Reduce paperwork since the data is present in the database
• Mass storage capacity hence can maintain thousands of record
• Fast and easy access to the database

Implementation of Library Management system:


• Admin can add or remove books with details such as Book Title, Book No, ISBN No, Publisher, Author, Subject, Rack No, QTY, Book Price, Inward Date, Description
• An administrator has the responsibility to add a librarian, teacher, and student.


• Librarian can view the list of books with their location in the library
• All books can be tracked with their past history of issuers through the librarian portal
• A librarian can add/ remove the library user from library account so as to grant and surrender the ability to borrow the book from the library

Library User:

• Teacher/Student using library can log into their accounts to view the number of books issued, issuing details and details regarding the return of books.
• Users can view the fine or late fee charged to them through this portal.