Student & Staff Registration Management system Software

Registration Management

Student & Staff Registration Management system Software of D-Edu Module facilitates the whole student registration process in so simplified way. It allows an admin/teacher/student to fill the details of student Admission No, Roll No, Class, and Section, First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date Of Birth, Category, Religion, Caste, Student Mobile No, Email, Admission Date, Student Photo, if this student has a sibling that also already study in this school, add student Father, Mother and Guardian details, Student Address Details, Transport Route Details, Miscellaneous Details, Upload Documents and much more such detail as per the requirement of the system.

Student & Staff Registration Management system Software Based on this above information the student will get a login id with a password so as to allow the student to access the entire features of the student panel. Not only student this module will also help the admin to add staff members and their details, so as to provide them with their login id and password. The registration management module also has an inbuilt feature of image capture.

Features of Student & Staff Registration Management system Software :

  • Full tracking of pupils and students, from inquiry to enrolment
  • Creation, modification, and deletion of admission stages so as to match school systems
  • Analysis of future class sizes and also the inquiry sources.
  • Recording of all prospective pupil and student data.
  • Waiting lists are prioritized by parameters set by the school
  • Ability to run PDF, print, and Excel reports on prospective student data, also include appointment lists and interview details
  • Mail merge documents for prospective students and also for the parents
  • Optional Website Admissions Tool.

Student’s Registration

  • Add student information
  • Search student information by multiple parameters
  • Capture student profile images online
  • Student fees setup
  • Alert message setting

Staff’s Registration

  • Add staff information
  • Search staff information by multiple parameters
  • Capture staff profile image online
  • Alert message setting