Report Generation Software

Report Module :

Report Generation Software, the D-Edu management can generate different reports to evaluate the performance of students and Lecturers. These include examining classroom engagement, enrollment and online activities. Performance reports allow learning experiences to be measured and evaluated. The results can then be used to improve the College’s educational processes, creating a cycle of continual improvement.

Benefits of Report Generation Software :

  • Designed to create reports across a wide range of data
  • Fully configurable report appearance and formatting
  • Excel export functions
  • Customized permission settings for creating, viewing and editing reports
  • Combine data fields to create a single data entry in a report
  • Report filtering enabling specific data to be viewed on each report
  • The inclusion of different data fields for each report
  • Preview function which displays a snapshot of the field data being accessed by the report
  • Ability to run different data sets against previously created report templates

This module will generate various kind of reports.

  •  Class report
    1.  Class section report ( details of the class section such class strength, class teacher, section number etc)
    2.  Attendance report (total number of students present and absent in class)
    3.  Time Table scheduling  report (contains class timetable, exam time table etc)
    4.  A total student in the class report ( total number of students, the total number of girls, total number of boys etc)
    5.  An assigned subject in class (total number of subjects, a name of subjects, theory subjects, practical subject)
  •  Fees report
    1. Applicable fees on class ( contains details of every fee such as library fees, examination fees, sports fee etc)
    2. Student upcoming fees report ( contains details of remaining fees installments)
    3. Student fees Transaction report
    4. Due fees report
    5. Total fees collection
  • Hostel report
    1. Room reports (number of rooms available in the hostel, details of students in each room etc)
    2. Hosteler fees transaction reports
    3. Due Hosteler fees reports ( contains details of remaining fees installments)