Fee Management Software

School Fee Management Software

Fee Management can help you streamline the process so that it doesn’t get out of control, or consume more time than necessary. Apart from being automated, at the same time, flexible enough to accommodate the varying nature of fee payments that most of the institutions come across. Billing is always a time-consuming project, but one that certainly but certainly cannot ignore. You have to keep track of numerous types of fee and then apply them to the correct students, manage incoming payments and receipts, and making bills and sending notices when bills are due. D-Edu’s Fees Calculation is done on the basis of category selected for the student. The School Fee Management software automatically calculates the pending fees payment details. In addition to the above, the user is also provided the option to allow payment of more than one month/Fee-cycle whichever applicable.


-> School Fee Management software of DEDU is time-saving as transactions are online, there is no need to stand in queues and to wait for a turn.
-> The student can generate fee receipts online
-> Paperless work since the report is online available
-> No chances of error and since the system are secure using various encryption techniques
-> Easy to view Student ledger details containing all fee head details
-> Reduce workload for office and staff

Implementation levels of the Fee management system

Admin :

-> Admin has the responsibility to create the of fees e.g. Admission Fees, April Month Fees, Exam Fees, Dress/Uniform Fees, Library Fees, Sports Fees, Transportation Bus Fees etc.
-> Administrator can implement fees group defining complete fee structure for a group of students or class hence can modify it
-> Admin can view the fees  and outstanding fees for each student hence has an ability to send alert
-> Special discounts and fee concession to students can be provided through admin portal.


-> Student can view the outstanding fee and paid fee along with their details on student’s portal
-> Option to take the print of fee receipt is available on student’s portal.