Time Table Manager Software

Time Table Manager

Time Table Manager Software of Digital Education System provides an online allocation of lecturers and rooms as per handiness within the establishment. It is the most powerful tool of administration that provides an appropriate structural dimension to the curriculum. An effective timetable optimizes the time utilization of the lecturers relying upon the supply of the area. Another function served by the school timetable is its allocative role. Time Table module contains. The Teacher-Subject details in this our module offer entry for the Teacher and therefore the subject he/she will teach. It also displays the detail information on the number of rooms/labs out there within the establishment. This module provides detailed time-table analysis, that can reveal the reality of the school’s curriculum organization and shows where a school allocates its resources, in particular, the important ones of the teacher-time and room-space. Selecting a semester of a course will show the timetable.

Features of Time Table Manager Software :

  • Ability to manage Staff Cover and identify available teachers
  •  Timetable print options in formats suitable for form rooms, staff rooms or school notice boards
  •  Flexible staff planning by allocating preferred periods and by labeling part-time staff
  • Full integration with the Staff and Attendance Modules as well as the Engage Portals and Rooms.

Time Table Manager Software covers all issues pertaining to the management of time-table. Admin can Add/Manipulate Timetable of all courses based upon the availability of Lecturers. Lecturer substitution also is dynamic when a Lecturers for that class is not available. Admin can set class Lecturer for each and every class. If any major changes are done in Time Table then management can immediately print the changes out and circulate to all the class Lecturers or can even stick on the Noticeboard.
Time Table will be prepared from the list of Class, Lecturer& Section. Based on the list, hence it’ll be easy to prepare Time Table within a short period of time. This module ensures no duplication of timetable ever happens and will generate alert messages should the user accidentally create duplication thus ensuring the roaster is perfectly done.

This module will work on these activities.

  • Add Time Table
  • Show Time Table With With  Class Wise.