Transport Management System

Transport Master Module of DEDU,

Transport Management System of DEDU keeps track of vehicles in school. The safe, efficient transportation of students to and from school is a challenge that school of districts across the country faces. Providers of public and human services transportation also aim to deliver their services efficiently. Transport Management System of digital education system takes the task of assigning vehicle and route for school and colleges. DEDU’s Transport Master module is a complete internal transport management system. It performs the task of defining the route and also keeping the record of vehicles.

A routing algorithm estimates the impacts of changes in school policy regarding the number of routes and the location of housing for district vehicles. Transportation management module includes vehicle name, route details, transportation fee, etc. Transport fee collection is done by a predefined structure hence is easy to use. This module is also integrated with the fee management module and accounts so that the transport charges are automatically reflected in the accounts part add-on on to the fees.

Design Implementation of the module of the Transport Management System is as follow:


  • Admin can define the route for vehicles i.e location to and from the vehicles will operate.
  • View, update and delete the route in the database.
  • Admin can also add vehicles like buses, auto etc
  • Assigning driver to a vehicle and also keeping the record of vehicle No, Vehicle Model, Year Made, Driver Name, Driver License, Driver Contact, Note etc.
  • Admin can decide and the vehicle for each route with the transportation fares.
  • Admin will also get the details of the number of students traveling in a vehicle.


    • A student can check for availability of vehicles on a route with its timing details, driver details, transportation charges etc.
    • The student can view all the routes available on its portal hence checking for the nearby stops.
    • Finally student can also check their fees status on this module.